We love working with pediatricians in our area. We know that, very often, pediatricians are the first people to notice a child starting to miss developmental milestones. They’re also the ones parents call when their child begins to show symptoms of problems.

While our first priority is always the child’s progress, we want to maintain a close relationship with the child’s pediatrician as well as parents or other caregivers. We have a Patient Care Coordinator in our office who is dedicated to keeping pediatricians informed of their patients’ pediatric therapy programs and progress. She also spreads the word when we have a new therapy available for our young patients.

A Full Range of Services for Your Patients

When you refer a patient to our care, you can be sure that they will have access to a rich range of therapies. With every patient we treat, we look at the whole patient and determine the best program to develop their abilities as fully as possible.

We also work with every family, keeping them fully informed on their child’s progress and helping them augment their in-office care with at-home actions.

Here’s a sampling of the issues we address everyday in our Monroe and Ruston offices:

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Please contact our Monroe or Ruston offices to ask questions or get more information about our therapies:

Monroe: (318) 388-8414
Ruston: (318) 255-7550

To make our therapies accessible, our office accepts most types of insurance from private insurances to Medicaid plans. We will be glad to answer your patients’ questions about insurance when they call.

If you have questions for one of our owners, please call us and ask for our Patient Care Coordinator. She will be glad to set up a meeting. 

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