Fluency is a vital part of effective communication, yet many children struggle to share their ideas with clear and fluent speech. If your child has a fluency disorder like stuttering, it can not only stop them from expressing themselves but also negatively impact their self-esteem. Keep reading to learn more about what fluency is and why you should seek the help of a speech-language pathologist if your child struggles with fluent speech.

What Is Fluency?

Fluency is simply the smooth and continuous flow of speech. Sometimes even fluent adults can stumble over their words or struggle to explain something clearly. But in general, most people can speak clearly and easily unless they have a fluency disorder that affects their speech.

Types of Fluency Disorders

There are two main types of fluency disorders in children:

  • Stuttering – disruptions in the normal flow of speech, such as repeating syllables or whole words, pauses in speech sounds, or drawn-out sounds.
  • Cluttering – rapid or irregular speech patterns that are often difficult for listeners to understand because words are merged together or cut off.

Why Is Speech Fluency Important?

Children with disfluent speech can struggle with their development and self-esteem. When they are young, they may not notice just how difficult it is for them to share their ideas; but as they get older, and especially when they enter school, they can start to feel embarrassed or frustrated by how difficult it is for them to speak. This can lead to an unwillingness to speak, trouble with social interactions and education, and decreased confidence.

How Speech Therapy Helps with Fluency

At Building Futures, our pediatric speech-language pathologists use proven, play-based therapy techniques to help children improve their speech and language skills. For those struggling with fluency, our therapists empower children to communicate by addressing the underlying causes of their disfluent speech. We use engaging activities, games, and exercises to help your child master the speech and language skills they need to share their ideas smoothly and clearly.

Will My Child Grow Out of Stuttering or Other Fluency Issues?

While some children may be able to overcome fluency disorders like stuttering on their own, it’s not a guarantee. The best thing you can do for your child is to seek support from a speech-language pathologist. We know how to help children learn to speak fluently, and we can help them much faster than letting them struggle with stuttering or cluttering on their own. Therapy can not only help your child learn to speak fluently but also protect their confidence and self-esteem, which sets them up for success in many areas of life.

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