At Building Futures Pediatric Therapy, we want you and your child to feel comfortable, happy and optimistic about the future. We have dedicated ourselves to establishing the perfect environment in which your child can learn new abilities, gain strength, develop skills and thrive. We’re here to help both your child and you.

For occupational, physical and speech therapy, there is no better facility in Northeast Louisiana. We strive to maintain an atmosphere that is family-friendly, family-focused, casual and 100% welcoming.

Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to be as independent as possible and empower families to achieve the brightest futures for their children.

About the Owners

Jennifer Reeves and Wendy Petrus have worked with children for many years and know how rewarding it is to make a difference in a child’s life. In 2008, they teamed up to expand Building Futures Pediatric Therapy in Monroe to a second location in Ruston. Their next project was to upgrade the original Monroe location to a bright open concept. Working together to reach as many children as possible, Jennifer and Wendy have improved the quality of life for thousands of children and their families.

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About the Team

We have attracted some of the most dedicated and skilled therapists in occupational, physical and speech therapy. Every one of our therapists and support staff is here to help your child achieve every important milestone. We know that as they reach these milestones, their future success will be greater and your home environment will improve.

Your therapists are available to help you understand your child’s program, enable you to advance their skills at home and assist you with advice when you need it. Your involvement in your child’s therapy is invited.

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Building Futures Pediatric Therapy accepts a variety of insurance plans to enable as many children as possible to reach new milestones and gain valuable skills within our facilities.

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