My son has made tremendous progress

My son needed occupational therapy and speech therapy, and they have been great from the very beginning! They are very understanding, compassionate, and full of FUN! My son absolutely LOVES going here, and sees it as something other than therapy.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, I have not been inside but their outside equipment is something even I wouldn’t mind spending time on! An in-ground trampoline, custom-built play area, basketball area with an obstacle course drawn on the course, as well as multiple riding toys that I’ve seen outside for multiple abilities. Like I said, FUN!

My son has made tremendous progress, as well! He enjoys his time there and I’m going to hate to have to say goodbyes.

Maggie Marshall

We absolutely love it here!

My daughter has been receiving speech and OT therapy from Building Futures for over a year. We absolutely love it here! My daughter practically jumps out of the car when we pull up and she cries when it’s time to leave. That makes a momma’s heart so happy to know my girl is receiving the best therapy from the best therapists! We love Mrs. Hayley and Mrs. Melanie!

Lauren Perry Matthews

I couldn’t be happier

Not only is this an amazing place to work but the care and love given to each child is amazing. Alaina came early and required a short NICU stay. Around 4 months, we noticed she was developing some torticollis and needed a little extra help. Morgan sees Alaina for physical therapy and has gone above and beyond with her sessions and giving me ideas for treatment at home. Morgan has been our cheerleader, celebrating every milestone and new skill achievement. I couldn’t be happier with all the progress we have made.

Brittany Lacombe Keen

Such a blessing for our family

Building Futures has been such a blessing for our family. My son is one year old with Down Syndrome, and the team at Building Futures has shown so much confidence and professionalism in their knowledge of Down Syndrome and the need for early intervention. As a mother, I am at peace when I hand my son over to the pediatric therapists because I know he is in the best care while growing and reaching new goals!

Allie Ullmer

The support and service we received from Building Futures has made a difference!

A top facility for NELA, hands down. My daughter has been receiving PT, OT, and Speech therapy from BF since she was discharged from a 6 month stay in the NICU. She was a 1lb micropreemie at birth. Today she is 4 years old, and meeting practically every milestone. I have no doubt the support and service we received from Building Futures has made a difference!

Konstance Brown Causey

The staff are all amazingly sweet!

I love this place! My daughter uses physical, occupational, and speech therapies all from here. The staff are all amazingly sweet and my daughter enjoys her time with her therapists each week. She’s doing leaps and bounds better now than she was when she started and it’s all because of her care that she’s received in her sessions. I would definitely recommend Building Futures to anyone needing therapy services!

Holly Allen

We love our Building Futures of Ruston!!!

My daughter Payton has been going here for about 5 years now, and she absolutely loves all these women like second moms! She has made amazing progress in speech and ot and she doesn’t even feel like she’s doing work, it’s all fun play! And the new facility they recently opened has made it even more fun for her and all the kids that go! Thank you ladies so much for caring for my little girl the way you would your own and loving and believing in her every day! Y’all are amazing women and wonderful teachers!! We love our Building Futures of Ruston!!!

Stacy Impson

They make therapy so fun with the amount of energy they display!

I am truly thankful and blessed for all the Therapists at Building Futures. My son has been receiving therapy there for about 5 years now and the staff and therapists are extremely friendly, loving, understanding, and informative. They set goals for my child and come up with a plan that works for him and he’s been making nothing but progress and moving forward since he’s been at Building Futures! I love the progression my son has made. They make therapy so fun with the amount of energy they display! The environment is so energetic and playful! They are the absolute best! I love them!

Persia Ferguson

I’m so thankful for them

My son has been in speech therapy since October of 2019 with Building Futures. Erica Andrews been so wonderful with him. He has made so much progress since beginning therapy. He loves his therapist so much and is so excited to go in, which shows me just how great she is with him! He has recently started occupational therapy and has only received one session but so far Anna seems great! Before Covid, the children in the waiting room would be so excited and run to hug their therapists when they would call them back. There is so much love and care within that building! I’m so thankful for them and the work that they do! I definitely recommend Building Futures.

Rachel Wales

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