We are very pleased to offer a full range of pediatric therapy services to the children and families of Monroe, Ruston and the surrounding areas. Our three areas of service are pediatric occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Our mission at Building Futures Pediatric Therapy is to give every child the opportunity to be as independent as possible and to empower families to achieve the brightest futures for their children.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

For babies, toddlers and children of all ages, pediatric occupational therapy provides the skills needed to succeed as children. Feeding and dressing themselves, listening attentively, regulating themselves and their emotions, and following directions.

Premature babies, or those babies and children with genetic, neurological or developmental disabilities, may struggle with these simplicities. We’re here to help them overcome the obstacles so they can thrive and enjoy childhood activities.

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Pediatric Physical Therapy

There is a great spectrum of children who can benefit from pediatric physical therapy. Some children fall short in developing the larger motor skills and need help catching up. Other children need assistance utilizing wheelchairs, walkers or orthotics. Whatever the need, we have the skills to assist each child as they progress to their full capabilities.

We use every tool imaginable, from bubbles to trampolines, to enhance the abilities of each child. Our job also includes helping mom, dad and other caregivers keep the improvement going at home.

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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy embraces so many more abilities than simply speech. The child who can’t express themselves with gestures, is a very picky eater and gags at mealtime, or has speech disfluencies can all benefit from pediatric speech therapy.

Of course, children who are not picking up new words, are not well understood by adults, or can’t seem to pronounce certain letters can also benefit from pediatric speech therapy.

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Pediatric FEEDING Therapy

Many children have physical, sensory or occupational struggles that interfere with their ability to eat or drink well. If left untreated, this can lead to poor nutrition and lack of proper development. Feeding therapy addresses the underlying cause of a child’s feeding difficulties and helps them develop the skills they need to be successful at mealtimes. 

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If your child is receiving occupational, physical or speech therapy services, we may recommend adding hippotherapy to their treatment plan. Hippotherapy is a fun technique that involves riding a horse. The horse’s natural movements, under the guidance and supervision of our trained therapists, can be therapeutic for a variety of different conditions. 

Many children love hippotherapy sessions because riding and caring for a horse is a special experience, which motivates children and brings them joy.

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No matter what the reason for delays or concerns, we have an excellent record of achieving improvement with our children. Every day, we help children meet milestones and family goals. Our offices are located in the Monroe and Ruston areas of Northeast Louisiana. Please contact us to schedule a visit to one of our offices. Monroe: 318-388-8414 Ruston: 318-255-7550

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