Every parent wants to build a bright future for their child. But some children struggle to master the essential skills they need for success in life. If your child seems to be falling behind their peers in movement, communication, or social skills, our occupational therapists can help. We assess all areas of your child’s development to find any delayed milestones and work with your child to help them master these key skills. Learn more about what a developmental delay is, how it can impact your child’s life, and how our occupational therapists can empower them to achieve a brighter future.

What Is a Developmental Delay?

As your child grows, there are certain developmental milestones that they should achieve like crawling, eating solid foods, and speaking in sentences. A developmental delay is the term used to describe a situation where a child does not reach these key milestones at the expected times.

While every child develops at their own pace, these milestones are a vital yardstick by which you can measure how well your child is developing. For example, most babies start crawling between 7 and 10 months old. If your baby crawls around that age, that’s great! But if they’re 12 months old and still not crawling, that indicates a delay in the development of the skills they need to be able to crawl.

Signs and Symptoms of a Developmental Delay

The main sign of a developmental delay is simply that your child isn’t achieving their milestones by the expected age. Some more specific examples include difficulties with:

  • Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, or walking
  • Grasping or manipulating toys or other objects
  • Communicating their ideas
  • Understanding what others say to them
  • Making friends or playing well with other children
  • Remembering what they’ve been told
  • Solving problems or focusing

How Occupational Therapy Treats Developmental Delays

Our occupational therapists use proven, play-based therapy techniques to help children build developmental skills. Through engaging activities, exercises, and games, we empower your child’s independence, confidence, and ability to participate in daily tasks. Occupational therapy can give your child the foundation they need to build a bright future.

Hippotherapy for Developmental Delays

As part of our holistic approach, we may recommend hippotherapy, a unique and enjoyable technique that involves caring for and riding horses. This is a fun and engaging way for children to build physical strength, coordination, and other important developmental skills.

Early Intervention is Vital for Developmental Delays

When it comes to your child’s development, you don’t want to “wait and see.” The longer it takes them to learn the basics, the harder it will be for them to master the more challenging skills they’ll need for success in school and beyond. Early intervention is vital for children with developmental delays. The sooner you get your child support, the easier it will be for them to reach their milestones and succeed in all areas of their development.

Free Developmental Screening

If you’re concerned about your child’s development, you can take advantage of our free online developmental screening. This tool is a convenient way for parents to know with certainty if your child is achieving their developmental milestones or if they need extra support to achieve their brightest future.

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